• Kyle Grundtisch Whats upsetting is the officer will not get an unbiased trial, if he is found innocent it won't matter, he is done and will have to go into hiding. The saddest part of the entire event is a person is dead. Now we need to wait for the facts instead of conjuncture. Very good Kevin
    68 · 1 hr
  • Doug Slipka This seems to be a distraction by the left, what is Obama up to now????
    46 · 1 hr
  • Amy Jones 7/18- Jimmie Norman, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
    7/18- Terry Taylor, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
    7/17- Cindy Raygoza, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
    ...See More
    43 · 1 hr
  • Cynthia Hitchcock Pratt There is no reason to loot innocent peoples stores..they have nothing to do with this...
    36 · 1 hr
    • Kelly Kreutzberg There is no reason to loot ANY store. A man gets shot, so that's an excuse to go steal a tv?
      10 · 55 mins
  • Eric Debernitz Kevin don't forget the Racial Grievance industry has found something to sink their teeth into and exploit with this event. Al Sharpton is spewing his hate and poison as loudly and broadly as possible. And the media is lapping it up.
    22 · 1 hr
  • Dennis Cravero Journalism is dead.
    18 · 1 hr
  • Rick Conner If you are ever in Texas I'd like to shake your hand. Very well put and a very articulate description of the situation.
    15 · 1 hr
  • Cindy Evans-McWhorter "an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are", is one of the most racist statements I've heard in a long time, Mr. Sorbo. I always thought you were a Christian, but Christians do not go around judging people like you did with that statement. I d...See More
    12 · 1 hr
  • Robbie Winkler I think a lot of people are taking the "animals" thing out of context. When I was a kid acting up my mom used to say we where acting like wild animals.
    10 · 1 hr
  • Michael Joseph Ormond Bet they dont riot for the reporter who was beheaded
    10 · 1 hr
  • Shelley Compton Swenson I live in the STL area. My grandparents lived in Ferguson when I was growing up, so I have a vested interest in this area. After years of decline, the past 5-10 years have seen an upswing in the revitalization of Ferguson...in the downtown and surround...See More
    10 · 1 hr
  • Melinda Care I am disgusted by the injustice in this country and how the blacks can always play the race card. Here is a story no one has heard. It is a true story and a personal tragedy. I grew up poor in the mountains of VA and I joined a Government Job Training ...See More
    9 · 1 hr
  • Joni Hopkins-Schmitt First they put Native Americans on reservations and told their men, "We know you're not capable of feeding your family, so we will give you money to do it." Then they built reservations in the inner cities for black people and told the women, "You don'...See More
    18 · 1 hr
  • Kyle McKeown You, sir, are what we call a racist, and judging by the comments, there's a whole gaggle of you milling about.
    8 · 1 hr
  • Jerry Conrad Ummm... Adam Fultz, Jesus called Pharisees "snakes"
    7 · 1 hr
  • Christina Jenkins Murphy I feel like there is more to this story. You won't make me believe that the police officer decided to unload his gun into that young man. I think the police officer deserves a fair trail but now I don't think he will get one. Btw I didn't vote for this president at all I'm not happy with what he has done to our country.
    7 · 1 hr
  • Barbara Taube in scanning thru the first few groups of comments I notice several people turning on Kevin and denouncing him as a racist. Garbage. This is a large part of the problem right now. Any time that misconduct is called out whoever has the audacity to call i...See More
    6 · 46 mins
  • Kim Reeves There are multiple races participating in the looting and rioting, animals is a fitting term for all of them. He wasn't picking on one race and the fact you folks assume so doesn't make you look good.
    6 · 1 hr
  • Adam Fultz I object to you calling people "animals". That is not a term a Christian would usually use to describe anyone.
    6 · 1 hr
    • Rhonda Sue Matthew 12:34. So is calling anyone an animal worse than a snake?
      3 · 47 mins
  • Donna Lynch-Hicks Much of the media information being presented is not correct, and in fact, only assumptions. For example Fox news presented in the beginning that Darrin Wilson was a black police officer. Additionally, the people in Ferguson looting, shooting, throwi...See More
    5 · 1 hr
  • Karen Hayter If more parents would take responsibility for the actions of their children there would be less violence in the streets and more respect for everyone.
    5 · 1 hr
    • Lessley Ann Dutton If more parents worked harder at staying parents and married, that would make a HUGE impact!
      1 · 1 hr
  • Judy Schulte I'm seeing a lot of blatant bigotry towards whites in Ferguson. Why is that okay in this PC world of ours?
    5 · 1 hr · Edited
  • Adele Ramsey I don't believe anything that the media tells me, because they only care about getting a story.
    5 · 1 hr
  • Anthony Gray https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxYQQoYfMtQ
    Extract from The Nutty Professor dinner scene.
    5 · 1 hr
  • Rebecca Rabon What I find very interesting about all of this is how many people are out there making comments during the "protests", saying they will be out there "every night, all night, for as long as it takes". That tells me they don't go to work like the rest of society does. Laziness and boredom breeds disorder.
    4 · 41 mins
  • Theresa D. Colton Well offended now so I will unlike and unfollow.
    4 · 1 hr
  • Brenda Hoskins Parkinson Awesome commentary. A shame so many people will not recognize the truth for what it is. Truth is no longer facts but instead whatever serves the liberal agenda
    4 · 1 hr
  • Jeffrey Pritchard Exactly! What did QuikTrip do to deserve this, other than provide excellent service to their neighborhood? Makes me sick.
    4 · 1 hr
  • Neal Perbix God you suck
    4 · 1 hr
  • Em Black Well, turns out one of my childhood heroes is a racist.
    3 · 1 hr
  • Brian Sperduto You do realize the Furguson PD have now admitted to shooting at Mike Brown as he was fleeing, and then shooting him as he surrendered, right? (which is what most of the witnesses said they saw) If that isn't murder, I'm not sure what is. And if the pol...See More
    3 · 1 hr · Edited
  • Dave Fichera Melody!! Obama is always to blame for the conservatives, just like any conservative president is to blame for the liberals. The media gets off on keeping us all polarized. Without polarization there may come a time when peace might prevail. Screw th...See More
    3 · 1 hr
    • Kate Gallagher Ain't that the truth. I wish people would realize if they don't like the politics not only can they vote, but they can support certain causes, call their congressman, support their own Super PACS this nation is doing nothing to stop people from standin...See More
      1 · 52 mins
  • Natasha Moore Kelley Looks like a lynch mob out of the old west. Before you say I'm a racist, remember they hung white people too.
    3 · 1 hr
  • Barbara Bell How many of the looters and thieves will see jail. They deserve nothing they stole and looted. .
    3 · 1 hr
  • Susan Marisa Gore Vitellaro Yes, what does it have to do with destroying property, beating up others, or especially looting!?
    3 · 1 hr
  • James Bushey Most of this really is the media. If you have time check out the Opie and Jim Norton show coverage of this (two days ago) which holds a fair bit of insight into the situation. Clip on YouTube
    3 · 1 hr
  • Doug Slipka Seems to hit the nail on the head.
    4 · 1 hr
  • Ashley Blythe There is a serious race war in America. Don't believe me? 

    Since the shooting of Michael Brown by a white policeman and the ensuing riots a...See More
    7 · 1 hr
  • Jonathon Rice The sad thing is this is nothing but the truth, and is at the point nowadays where there is revese racism, like when Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, about a week later two African Americans walked up to a mother pushing a stroller and killed her and t...See More
    2 · 37 mins
  • Charlie Fox There's certainly no end to opinions and speculation; judgment being thrown out like so much dust. Those of us who do not live in Ferguson do not know all the facts; we only know what the media is reporting. And, sad to say, they don't really do a good...See More
    2 · 44 mins
  • Lesley Tucker Dunn Excellent points and right on target. It is so sad that many just don't see the blatant good/evil. It doesn't matter what color your skin is there is good and bad in every race. The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jackson's are racebaiters. They and the pres are to blame. The rest are just lost sheep headed to slaughter by lies and false promises. Thanks for your commitment to the right side.
    2 · 47 mins
  • Will Litz I don't have an honest opinion on the shooting I haven't followed it close enough. I sure won't jump to conclusions like the insane media and label this officer a racist murderer. 

    What is insane is the local black citizens destroying their neighbourh
    ...See More
    2 · 52 mins
    • Jim Rabe The sad part is, most of the ones that were arrested for the riots and looting ain't locals. They hijacked protests to pillage.
  • Alex Vahtras oh, hercules.
    2 · 1 hr
  • Colleen Rice FYI - Ferguson is not an inner city community...the street the media focuses on, where the protesters do their "thing" is on the eastern edge of this community. The actual "main street" area of Ferguson is quaint with old fashion street lights, restau...See More
    2 · 1 hr
  • David W. Gibson Well said Kevin. So many of us feel the same....
    2 · 1 hr
  • Melody Durand Coss What does Obama gotta do with stupid people doing stupid things? Wth?
    2 · 1 hr
    • Kate Gallagher Because he's greater than god apparently and can control people's free will. 
  • Della Oyen Well said. Agree. You might also appreciate Matt Walsh's blogs on the topic. He's on Facebook.
    2 · 1 hr
  • Sharon Masters i stepped into this cesspool of racial hatred and ignorance by mistake... shaking off my shoes- do carry on.
    2 · 1 hr
  • Lynne Yandura Well said, Mr. Sorbo!
    2 · 1 hr
  • Bobbie Landrum Well said. 
    2 · 1 hr
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