Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ted Cruz Poster Artist Sabo Explains He's Not Misogynist By Calling Hillary Clinton 'Bitch'

Hey, remember the artist who created that Ted Cruz poster that conservatives can't stop beating off to, the one Ted Cruz was proudly autographing? Well, he was very offended that someone hinted he might be a tad misogynist (as well as racist and wingnutty), which is no surprise. Racist, misogynist wingnuts aren't famous for their self-awareness.

Also not really surprising, but very amusing, is how Sabo defended himself against the charge in an interview with PJ Media:

He said he has received mostly good feedback from his posters. One exception is a blog post from former Mediaite correspondent Tommy Christopher, who called Sabo a “racist, misogynist wingnut”and a bigot (Sabo fervently denies those accusations). In particular, Christopher took issue with the Hillary flying monkey piece. Sabo defends it, saying, “The wicked witch had her flying monkeys and flying monkeys are spreading the word. The bi**h is coming back. Spreading the word.”
What's almost as funny as Sabo's defense is the fact that the wingnut site trying to backstop him had to prissily edit it. They also felt the need to edit the title of Sabo's "Fag the New Nigger," because of course, there's nothing wrong with it.

So, once again, it's up to the mainstream media to ask Ted Cruz if he agrees that Hillary is a "bitch," or that Questlove is a "monkey," or that the "problem with Jews" is that they have a "self-destruct toggle switch."

Let me be the first to ask.

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