Monday, March 24, 2014

The Compleat Tommy Christopher

While the world waits to see where Tommy Christopher will pop up next, take a trip back through the mists of time to the millions of words I've written about politics, the media, and... oh shit, Saturday Night Live? Is that really going to be the last echoing ring of the bell from my five years at Mediaite? Here's that stuff, all 3,788 posts. I'm currently working on a top 3,000 list. Watch this space. (For stuff that was about me, but not necessarily by me, check out the Tommy Christopher tag.)

My first paying journalism job, though, and the one that put me on the map when I got fired from it, was for AOL's The Political Machine, which later became PoliticsDaily, which later got absorbed into The Huffington Borg. You can read my PM/PD stuff here, and for stories on which I shared a byline with my pal Caleb Howe, click here.

I also spent about two years writing for AOL's as a contract freelancer, who hired me days after Melinda Henneberger fired me. You can read that stuff here.

I started another personal blog while I was at Politicsdaily, and continued to supplement my writing there while I was at Mediaite. Then, I stopped using it, and didn't pay for the domain name, so you can read that stuff here, via the Internet Archive. Also on the Wayback Machine is Twits, a Twitter-based site that Caleb and I started so that we could later feel superior to Twitchy.

Hopefully, I will spend my last week of staycation actually chilling, and you will only have these several million words to tide you over.

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