Friday, March 7, 2014

Watch: Conservative CPAC Speaker Praises Community Organizer

At the top of CPAC 2014's minority outreach panel, moderator Jason Roe seemed to forget that one of the reasons conservatives even need a minority outreach panel is that they've been such huge, ginormous fucking assholes about community organizing.

Instead, Roe filled his introduction of Robert Woodson, founder of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, with the kind of fulsome praise that earned him a rousing golf clap from the tiny crowd. Now, Woodson does consistently espouse conservative buzzwords like "free market," but his organization's function is, most definitely, community organizing, and includes securing government assistance and funding for those communities.

Nowhere does Roe include terms like "lax-a-daisical," or intimations that community organizing is not real work. If conservatives can admit why that is, they might just solve some of their outreach problems.

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