Friday, March 7, 2014

White Moderator Tells CPAC Minority Outreach Panel That It's the 'Goodies,' Stupid!

The good news is that this year's CPAC minority outreach panel went marginally better than last year's racism panel, but they failed to learn the important lesson of booking a smaller room for these things.

They also, apparently, have not learned that when one of your four panelists bails on you, you don't leave a giant empty chair onstage, and use it to buffer your moderator from the panel.

At this year's CPAC "Reaching Out: The Rest of the Story" minority outreach panel, moderator Jason Roe told the panel that Democrats "going into these communities have lots of goodies to offer, and our guys aren't exactly in the offering goodies business."

That trope, echoing the tone-deaf likes of Mitt Romney, the historically illiterate likes of Rand Paul, and the RAF™ likes of Newt Gingrich, was offensive enough to draw some pushback from Robert Woodson of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise.

"It's not goodies," Woodson said. "It bothers me that people assume that lower income respond to gifts - food stamps, or things that will be given to them. Nobody wants to be dependent."

He then went on to explain, however, that Republicans should be more like former LA Mayor Richard Riordan, and build community centers. That, as any Republican will tell you, is also a "goody," as is any government spending that doesn't benefit rich white people.

"What liberals do is, at least they express their concern," Woodson went on to say. "Whether what they do is helpful or harmful, they show up! If they show up, they win, if we don't show up, we lose."

What liberals also don't do is spend six years relentlessly deriding community organizers, then head up their minority outreach panel with a community organizer. It's the contempt, stupid. If you start by not viewing black people as plantation-bound criminal Food Stamp Pac Men, the policy solutions you formulate will start to make more sense to them.

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